2007 Predictions (Please STFU)

As 2006 comes to pass there are a lot of predictions that are floating around about what will happen in 2007. One of the predictions that I’m most looking forward to coming true is the one about blogging reaching a plateau. I can’t wait. First and foremost, I have a problem with information overload. Yeah, I could fix it on my own, but if a bunch of people just decide to stop saying interesting things, then it would make things a lot easier. The other reason I can’t wait is because there’s way too many people saying uninteresting things. Of course I’m being selfish when I say that, but I don’t care about your cat (not you, Josh), so STFU.

I now present to you my own list of 9 things that I predict will happen in 2007.

  1. Menomena will explode. I’ve mentioned them a little, but I really love this band.
  2. MySpace will fragment. It’s already starting a little, but more niche sites are going to start popping up and I think people will start using them with more frequency while their MySpace profiles get a little stale.
  3. You’ll finally break down and see what all the Second Life hype is about.
  4. Apple iPhone. This is all but confirmed. I believe Apple will enter the mobile business. I’ll stick with the Blackjack until the BlackBerry 8800 comes out.
  5. Global Warming will become a major issue, and not just for environmentalists.
  6. Apple will gain at least 3% more market share.
  7. All three of Audrey’s stores will become profitable.
  8. Mobile music and television will start to take off as manufacturers keep trying to cram too many bells and whistles into a phone.
  9. Remote storage costs will continue to decline and people will start storing a lot more of their stuff online.