a foo fighters review

Foo Fighters @ House of Blues (Anaheim, CA) 02.07.02

Within nineteen seconds, the show was sold out via the Internet. Dave Grohl even said something about it during the show. Seeing the Foo Fighters in a 500 person capacity venue is a treat. Sure, you could have seen them in a place that size several years ago, but this night was most definitely a privilege.

For the first time in quite some time, Foo Fighters were back on stage. Over the last several months they have been working on the follow-up to Nothing Left To Lose. Having just finished the album, it was immediately apparent that they were ready to rock the stage again.

Dave Grohl and company love to rock. You can’t help but feel it with every lyric recited, every chord played and every drum pounded. Grohl is one of the best frontmen in rock music. Whether it’s a crowd of 1000 or a crowd of 100,000, he plays to you and gives his heart. People respond to that, not to mention his mighty sense of humor.

The band debuted several new songs and if the live versions hold true to the studio tracks, the forthcoming album will please the fans, for sure. During their last encore of the evening, which included a ballad from the new album, which word has it, Queen’s Brian May added some tracks to, the audience was in complete awe. Additionally, Dave performed a crowd-pleasing solo, electric version of “Everlong.”

Clocking in at just around two hours, the show was nothing short of one of the best I have ever witnessed, not to mention proceeds went to a good cause. The concert was a benefit for the Musicians Assistance Program (M.A.P.), an organization that helps people in the music industry with drug and alcohol addiction. It was started by Buddy Arnold and Carole Fields in the early nineties and has since grown into an international organization.