A Monthly Mix Test

The latest montly mix has been posted (along with the downloadable files). If our bandwidth usage goes through the roof, we’re going to have to stop offering the files, as we don’t have enough money in the hosting account to meet demand. Maybe we’ll just post them for the first week or something. If it comes down to us having to remove the files, we’ll continue to post the list and you’ll just have to find the MP3s on your own. We like the idea about as much as you do, but we just can’t afford the hosting costs, even with some of the generous donations that people have been sending our way.

5 thoughts on “A Monthly Mix Test”

  1. Maybe instead of posting the large high-quality MP3s you could post smaller OGGs at a lower quality level? Low-quality OGGs sound pretty good even compared to good-quality MP3s…

  2. hey great mix. especially the iron and wine. i can not wait to see them at sxsw. have you checked out there track on the postal service such great heights single? great great stuff.


  3. I may try the OGG files if bandwidth becomes a problem, but I’m not too educated about how OGG files work on a Mac, and since I’m a Mac user and so are a lot of others that visit the site, perhaps you could toss some education my way. I’m certainly interested, but just don’t have a spare moment to research it for myself.

  4. hey this is a great thing yer doing. let’s toss a few bones your way, figure out how to make small files, and let’s try to keep it going.

  5. i’d suggest looking into quicktime streaming server (runs on mac, linux and windows) – you can set up an MP3 stream that’s non downloadable, thus getting you out of any possible legal issues, and the stream is simply a continuous data stream in rtsp/quicktime format, and the sound is as good as the mp3 you’re using, and the bandwidth is whatever you decide to let it be.

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