Ali G Lives!

Someone at Harvard decided that Ali G should give the commencement speech.

You iz de elite, u will be tomorrow’s captains of industry. Sittin infront of me is probly da next Bill Gates, Donald Trump…or even Ronald Mcdonald. And even if you can’t all be Ronald himself, most of you iz probably McDonald’s Team Leader material. By da way, if any of u ever gets to do business wiv Sir Ronald, a word of hadvice – don’t mention de size of his feet….him iz well sensitive about it. Me mate Dave hactually met him, and he said dat even tho him may seem like he’s always smiling, dere’s a sadness in de eyes…coz of dem feet. All de money in de world – and science still can’t do nothing. Maybe dat’s something dat some of u M.I.T. nerds can fink about innit.

Certainly to be considered one of the finest speeches of the 21st Century. I must see video for this! You can see the video [Real Media link – his is the last speech], which is way more funny than the new episode I saw. [via TMN]

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