Amnesty International Knows How To Throw A Party

I just had to post a quick review of the show, which was simply amazing. When you have the chance to see a show at the Ford Amphitheater, go.

Aimee Mann was amazing and damn funny to boot. Her new album Lost In Space is going to be a winner. The woman has more songwriting talent in her pinky than many I can think of at this late hour. I’ll think of something witty when I update the review.

Chris Martin (Coldplay) had lost his voice somewhere between last night’s show and tonight. He was poolside at his posh, rockstar, swank hotel (these are a paraphrase of his words, not mine) when he saw a sexy black man. That man happened to be called to the mic, and it was none other than Mos Def, who took over the main vocals for three covers: “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers, “Twist of Faith” by Bob Dylan and “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. I cannot explain to you how amazing it came off. “Lovely Day” was one of those moments that I will never forget seeing. Will Champion (Coldplay drummer) joined them for “Three Little Birds,” as did the crowd. It was music magic at one of its finest moments. Made me feel much better about missing the Coldplay show at the El Rey too.

Beth Orton was wonderful, though poor gal had her set cut a bit short. I was pretty tired, so I didn’t mind much. She played some incredible songs from the new album, Daybreaker, as well as some older favorites.