Call It A Day

Wanna know what I did today? I woke up at around 11am, though my alarm blasts begining at 10:30am. I sleep well. No trouble there. It’s getting out of bed that seems to be a problem…well, it’s not really a problem because what the hell am I getting out of bed for? Nothing. Remember, I’m voluntarily unemployed. Boy is it fun. Seriously. No, really.

I put on some clothes so I can take my dog outside and rub it everyone’s face that I wake up at 11am. Oh, wait…everyone is at work. Everyone except for Victor. I’ll tell you more about him another time.

Here comes the important stuff…After the dog and I come back inside, I feed her some breakfast, sit down at the computer, read news and blogs, install Mac OS X on my other Mac so I can play with iPhoto and enter a contest with my photos. Wait, there’s more. I get my hair cut, decide to skip an in-store appearance by Starsailor at Amoeba, though I did catch them on Craig Kilborn. Just before that, I watched Jack Black make a nice appearance with the Foo Fighters on David Letterman.

Are you so jealous, or what? I’m feeling quite pathetic, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and one other thing, B9 d t++ k+ s u- f i- o+ x e++ l c– and I am Johnny Greenwood. Who are you?