7 thoughts on “Dave Eggers Kinda Sucks”

  1. it’s about time someone else has echoed my feelings. i had worked with the guy at one point and yes, thought he was a complete dickhead. i made a point to borrow a friend’s copy of the genius book (which i have to think eggers really believes) so i wasn’t giving him money until i was sure i should. sure enough, i was glad i didn’t buy it. hallelujah someone else sees the light.

  2. Well, I like the Kathleen Edwards album, but Beulah? And the YYY’s? Playa, please.

    I know the Eggers backlash is so big it’s probably already over, but I’m with you: dude’s a weenie. And mean, to boot. Anyway, if I can comment on two posts at once, I’d like to add my two cents about the Shortlist noms. Me, I’m all for Four Tet, Interpol, Metro Area, Ms. Dy and Royksopp.

    And Brad, I think we were B’nai Jeudah kids together. I’ve been meaning to write and say “nice site” for a while now. I think I got here originally from The Modern Age. Anyway, on no one’s shortlist, but on mine these days: the new Chris Lee.

  3. Anon – I’ll bet you have good stories. I think you should share them with the group. And like I said, I do enjoy his writing. I just think he’s a shithead.

  4. Kathleen Edwards…okay, but YYY’s? C’mon, let’s just be honest for a moment and forget the hype that surrounds them. I was totally down with their EP because it was new, the songs were good and it was short. The album totally drags and, with a couple of exceptions, it doesn’t come close to the EP. When we look back in 10 years, will they be remembered? Probably not. They’ll get thrown into the remember-when-there-were-all-those-cool-bands-from-New-York conversation.

  5. Luckily I missed the hype I’m just basing my undying devotion (kidding) to YYY based on what I hear, but I understand your point about the NY Band scene… kinda like all those marginal Seattle bands who rode the wave from back in the day… at least it’s rock.

  6. Chris – You missed the hype? I don’t buy that for a minute. It’s okay if you didn’t miss the hype. Missing the hype doesn’t actually make you cooler, despite what some people think. Yeah, not *every* band that came out of Seattle (or the Pacific Northwest) were as great as Nirvana, but YYY’s didn’t change the face of the music industry. For that matter, the New York Scene hasn’t really done much for the industry. Grunge (or whatever you want to call it – and yes, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll) changed the industry, namely Nirvana. Mind you, that’s not a judgment on whether they are good or bad. I’m simply stating fact. I forgot what my point was. Fuck.

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