Flickr Pro Account Give-Away

I have a flickr pro account to give away. I would prefer to give it to someone with an established free account or someone that will use it. Justify yourself in the comments and I’ll pick the winning plea. If you are a current flickr user, make sure you leave your account name so I can find you.

4 thoughts on “Flickr Pro Account Give-Away”

  1. I would love to have the Pro account. I currently have the free account, and love the service. I am not working now due to long term illness, so can’t afford to pay for most services. Thanks, whatever you decide.

  2. ah I would so love a pro-account! i ran close to using up allotted my bandwidth last month. i’ve been on it since August. Um…if we’re going to resort to bribery here, I can give you some swag from the company I intern at? 😉

  3. I commented once (see above) but noticed I did not leave my Flickr account name, which is bowietrek. I would love to have the pro account, as I said in my previous comment, I am not working right now, due to a long time illness. Though I am slowly getting better, I have not been allowed to go back to work and moneyis scarce. Thanks for offering the account to people. That is a kind thing.

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