Flock Messed Up My del.icio.us Bookmarks

Ok, this is killing me. I installed Flock to take it for a spin and configured the integrated del.icio.us support. Apparently there’s something wrong with it because it mangled all of my date stamps. This wouldn’t be a huge deal except that I have nearly 2000 bookmarks and I often remember the rough order of when I bookmarked something. I don’t remember dates, but I can look at a bookmark and think, ‘I know I saw that before I saw this.’ Well, now I can’t do that and it’s driving me nuts. There’s a thread in the Flock forum, but I haven’t had any luck with someone answering. I saw one post from a while ago and they said they emailed del.icio.us support and they were kind enough to fix it. I’ve tried twice without a response. Is there anyone out there that can help?