Gadget Envy

I’ve not only had the same Blackberry for well over a year, I’ve had the same RAZR for just over a year as well. That’s a record. I rarely keep gadgets for over 6 months on account of a severe case of gadget envy. I’ve been wanting to go back to a single device and as of Friday I will be the proud owner of a Samsung i607 (a.k.a. BlackJack). I’m really excited and it’s cheap enough that I won’t feel guilty when I switch to the Blackberry 8800 when it comes out next spring. Cingular was the last provider I wanted to go to, but that’s who we have a deal with at work. I love Verizon, but they’re expensive and T-Mobile is just great. I’ve never had a complaint. People complain about Cingular a lot, but hopefully being a business customer will help out if I ever need to call customer service.

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  1. […] I couldn’t take it anymore. While the BlackJack is nice to look at and the 3G stuff is kinda neat, I just wanted a device that worked well as a phone and email/texting device. After spending a month with the BlackJack, I wrote a letter to our Cingular B2B rep saying that the BlackBerry simply wasn’t a usable device. The main reason was the terrible battery life, which is well-documented all over the place. Of course I had other reasons for not liking the device. The fact that it took me several more steps to do something on the BlackJack that I could do in a couple on the BlackBerry was one of the most bothersome aspects of using the device. I don’t like having to install hacks on my device to make it easier to use, which you have to do with the BlackJack. There was a terrible typing lag on the device which caused me to constantly misspell words and made overall less productive. So I got Cingular to take back the BlackJack and I bought the 8700c. I’m not happy about the size of the BlackBerry, but it just works. The phone is great and I can email and text with ease. BlackBerry, I’m sorry I ever left you and I’ll likely never go back to a Windows Mobile device. I’ve been burned too many times. […]

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