1 thought on “Get Involver”

  1. that’s really good to see. and very well done (not just talking about the design)…

    I think it was around the beginning of this year when I ended up watching mtv one day and caught what seemed like some of the first airings of their Choose or Lose specials for this election. their ’20 Million Strong’ campaign really caught my attention at the time. it was surprisingly powerful and I thought very nicely done, with the message itself, how simple they were making it, and the graphics they put together for it, etc. it actually made this election and this whole process building up to it seem important and absolutely crucial, which, of course, we all know it is. and I thought they would be using this time to really push it as much as they could. I don’t know why I thought that, considering it was mtv. the little that I do watch, I’m not getting the impression that they’re going very far with it. all that to say, I’m glad to see organizations and projects like Involver that seem genuinely able to help people like me that have a hard time with politics to get involved. it’s a no-brainer that we need to get things moving, but it’s still not easy when things have gotten so far out of hand here that it sometimes feels beyond repair. I definitely appreciate the people more and more that work so hard with things like this because it can’t be easy to convince such a fucked up, unmotivated country to get movin!

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