6 thoughts on “I Want To Hate”

  1. Wow beezo, I had no idea about the Tommy Guerrero CD! That dude used to be one of my skating idols. Amazing! I’m gonna have to pick that one up next time I’m on a shopping trip. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I subscribe to the idea that you don’t have to like the musician to like their music. Plenty of great musicians act either pretentious or just plain idiotic, so don’t let that kill it for you.

    BTW, I know it’s been around…But I can’t stop playing this CD.

  3. Brad- No prob. I dunno if you are as mezmorized by Chino’s [Deftones] voice as I am, but I also have a copy of the first Team Sleep disc that wasn’t released. Drop me a line if you want a listen.

  4. Yeah, she’s OK for a MURDERESS trailer trash whore with no concern for anyone but her evil self.

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