I'm Still Too Accessable, But…


I’m not carrying as many gadgets, which is a good thing. The Sidekick, while a cool gadget, totally sucked as a phone, so I was sometimes forced to carry a cell phone with me in case the Sidekick didn’t get reception. Don’t get me wrong, when it was a good area for reception, I loved it, but don’t you think this is a bit much:

Verizon mobile phone
T-Mobile Sidekick (phone/Internet gadget)

I’d been debating getting rid of the Sidekick for a while and just getting a Palm device, but that wasn’t going to solve my problems of having to many address books for which to keep updated and carrying less gadgets. I did a little research over the last several days and I had two options. I could stay with T-Mobile and get the new Sony Ericsson P800, which is probably the coolest new mobile phone on the market, not to mention one of the most expensive and hardest-to-find, or I could stay with Verizon and get the new Kyocera 7135 smartphone which is essentially a Palm-powered mobile phone and also pretty pricey.

After some debate and more research, I decided to go with the Kyocera for a number of reasons:

1) I’ve been a Verizon customer for a long time and their coverage is excellent. T-Mobile’s coverage is among the worst.
2) The 7135 is Palm-based which has tons of applications. The P800 is Symbian-based and does not even come close to having as many applications.
3) I don’t need (or want) a phone with a camera of any kind. I have a digital camera that does the trick.
4) I am trying to consolidate gadgets and by getting a Palm-based mobile phone, I can keep a single address book on my phone and sync it between my Mac at home and my PC at work, thus one address book/date book.
5) Did I mention that I now have a single address book/date book?
6) I can do everything I did with the Sidekick (apart from using its insanely great thumb keyboard) with the 7135, though I do have to actually connect to the Internet when I want to get my email, IM or surf the web. Additionally, it eats into my minutes, which kinda sucks.
7) I found someone to buy my Sidekick and take over my contract, thus avoiding an early termination fee with T-Mobile.

I do have a barely used Motorola T720 (with lots of accessories) that I want to sell. If you have interest at all, drop me a line, otherwise it’s going on ebay.

2 thoughts on “I'm Still Too Accessable, But…”

  1. Yeah, so you’re better than me or something? I’m much more loyal[?] to my iPod and digital camera than my other gadgets, though I tend to carry the others with me more often. Shit, maybe it is time for a man bag…or at the very least a few pair of cargo pants…no, a utility belt! YES! I am so on to something here…

  2. you are WAY too accessible and you totally crack me up. i keep offering to give people my cell phone, i so rarely use it and i don’t answer unless i’m late on my way to meet you. i never look at the blackberry unless i’m late to work and need to let someone know. my digital camera and my ipod are really the only devices i have any loyalty to whatsoever. 🙂

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