Intelligent Speak: The Grammys

b: Did you see the Joe Strummer tribute?

m: Si – one of the ONLY musical stints that worked on the grammys, most were very weak. um, does bruce springsteen know what his face looks like while performing?

b: lol – It’s the face of a man in need of a laxative.

m: I was taken aback, kinda like a car wreck with that.

b: The performance was pretty awesome. I got a little choked up. They TOTALLY pulled it off. I could have done without the Soprano dude though. I always forget his name. He bugs the shit outta me. Dude is SO ugly. I don’t care how well he plays guitar.

m: agreed, like i said most musical numbers tanked and that one rose to the occasion – Soprano?

b: And his breath probably stinks. every time I see him share the mic with Bruce, or in that case Dave, that’s all I can think about.

m: Ah…Steve Van Zant…

b: Yes, him. Ugh.

m: Yeah, creepy.

b: And with the fucking babooshka…

m: I thought of his breath when he was singing with Bruce’s wife. I don’t imagine Elvis Costello has gorgeous breath either.

b: He really creeps me out for some reason, and who cares about Elvis’s breath? It’s Elvis Fucking Costello.

m: Steve Van Zant seems like the obnoxious guy in the house – like he’d be a nightmare at a party.


m: Did you see that gay gay gay nelly number? MORT!

b: No.

m: It stank. So bad.

b: I saw the first hour and the Joe Strummer thing and that’s it.

m: The whole thing was a trip. Dustin Hoffman shoulda been axed, and that Dixie Chicks singer had eye make-up like she was going to Florentine Gardens with her West Covina homegirls as she sang some sweet, down-played hippy song – there were many moments of sheer perversity. The grammys kinda get suckier and suckier – their shite is all over the place, categorically speaking.

b: It blows.

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  1. inspired. i thought about svz’s breath at the grammy’s too. great song, costello was awesome, grohl was a towelboy for that team.

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