Monthly Mix : August 2002

The latest monthly mix has been posted. Comprised of almost all new music, this one is sure to be just as much of a party pleaser as the rest. It’s got a lot of rock, so play it loud (especially the Queens Of The Stone Age track). We’re mad for them. There are a few songs on the quiet side thrown in to…well, you know, mix it up a bit. Get to downloading and buy the albums. All of them.

1 thought on “Monthly Mix : August 2002”

  1. Demolition,

    The best MM in a while, I must say. Now, if I could only figure out how the hell to work the burner on my iBook, properly, then all I’d have to do is drag my ass all the fucking way to my Dad’s office, hook-up to the DSL, download all the little fuckers, and be OhsO happy! Damn.

    In other thoughts, Ryan Adams, new album, fuck yeah…I just saw a great MTV, yes I saw something good on MTV, special called “Music In High Places.” I guess they sent him to Jamaica, spelling anyone?, to play some tunes with the locals and provide the cameramen(women?) with some great shots to stretch over his music. And the strange thing was, when I saw him talking on the set when I turned it on, he looked so stoned and gruff that I’d no idea it was him.
    –yeah I know, bad story.
    But Mr. Adams excites me, hey Brad, what’s the deal with Chris Lee? The Morning News has a piece on him and Laura at modernage says things about him too…I’m going to hop over to or whatever that muisc history site thing is. See if I can drum up some info.
    Oh, and where-ever you’re getting the cash from to keep up with all the good new albums, it’s killing me…I don’t make enough at work yet to drink Manhattans after my shift is over AND wake up and buy a new CD. This man’s gotta save dammit!

    –JD Stone, backin blacoffee.

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