Paying Attention

I was having brunch with Kelley on Sunday. The check had come and we were waiting for our waitress. Kelley excused herself to go to the bathroom. That’s when I had a chance to look around. Two tables to my right was this guy who was clearly very anxious about something. He was alone and judging from the arrangement of the table, I don’t think he was planning on company. His glass of water was in front of him. He simultaneously dipped both index fingers into his glass of water and dabbed the drops of water on various parts of his face and neck. On his top lip, under his eyes, on his temples, on the back of his neck, under his chin, and so on. By the time I saw him do it the fifth or sixth time, it had gone beyond what could have possibly been someone just trying to cool down. And then there was the fidgiting followed by pill popping. He had what looked to be a prescription bottle that he would open, shake a pill onto his palm, down the pill, close the bottle and repeat at least four times. He could have taken more pills, but I was too busy watching the young couple two tables to my left. They were holding one another’s hands under the table. Both hands. And their heads were bowed with their eyes closed. Their lips were moving and within moments they each looked up at the other and I saw their mouths say, “Amen.” I don’t even know how to finish this story.