Pete Townshend vs. Michael Moore

I’m preparing a review of the film (including my feelings on Moore), but in the mean time it’s worth reading about how Michael Moore likes to bend the truth is such a fucking liar sometimes. It kills me how Moore wants to be respected, but he’ll do and say anything to further his cause. It’s so disappointing to read stuff like this.

5 thoughts on “Pete Townshend vs. Michael Moore”

  1. Brad,

    Michael Moore is in the business of film. Pete Townshend is in the business of rock and roll. Neither industry has EVER really enjoyed the banner of integrity in order to makes ends meet aka sell (and market!) an album, tour or film. They are what they are. Its the message in the music and films that make the difference. I’ve always been a fan of The Who’s music regardless of what can (and has) been said of any of that band member’s characters– the music mattered, still does. Same goes for Mr. Moore. I suppose it takes a FUCKING LIAR to know one– on that count, Moore, Townshend and Bush could all be called guilty. Who more so than the other? I see no blood on two of the three. Let us take the message behind the lie and heed that instead of hurling stones at fallible, but masterful messengers. That last remark meant for the two bloodless ones.

  2. I understand your point. We kind of went through this in our back-and-forth about Moore. You’re right, they are both in the business of entertaining and most certainly have told lies. Frankly, I’m tired of Moore’s lies. Since before his film came out, he was telling lies. Sorry, but for someone that is supposed to be representing the people, with sights aimed at making sure Bush doesn’t get another four years, his credibility is going down by the day. Fighting half-truths with the same does what exactly? I don’t want my messages behind lies. How about the truth? What happened to that? Maybe I’m just too idealistic…

  3. Brad,

    I couldn’t agree more. I just don’t understand why he feels compelled to lie when the truth is just as frightening. Every time he goes out of his way to ‘pad’ a story, he gives more ammo to the ‘right’ to fight with. In doing this he is no better than Bush…and actually HELPS Bush’s campaign.

    Right now we don’t need a spin doctor to take down Bush, we need someone who speaks the absolute truth. We’re all sick of the bullshit…why add to the pile?

  4. anyway, let’s pick our battles, kids. the larger fish remains to be fried. let townshend and moore slap fight it out on their own. hold bushy bush to half the scrutiny moore gets and we’re golden.

  5. Michael,

    Despite the title of the post, you and I know this isn’t about Moore vs. Townshend. It’s about Moore telling the truth, which as Chris points out, is just as frightening.

    I think Bush gets a lot more scrutiny than Moore. Maybe not on my site, but open a paper, read the news and tune in to the Daily Show already.

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