Postcards From People You Don't Know

I received a postcard in the mail today. I laughed, but I didn’t know anyone named Dennis that would send me a postcard. I turned it every which way to see if perhaps I was reading the name wrong. Nope, it was Dennis. I was racking my brain for the following hour trying to figure out who this Dennis character was. More importantly, how did he get my address and how did he know I had a Weimaraner?! It was while I was walking the aforementioned Weimaraner that it all came to me.

About a month or so ago Dennis Mahoney (of 0(zero)format fame and a contributing writer for The Morning News) sent out an email to people that were on his email list. The email went on to explain that he had gotten his hands on some old postcards. He further explained that if we, the recipients of his email, wanted a personalized postcard, all we had to do was email him back with an address and some brief personal information. I did some digging for the email that I sent to him. In it I explained that , among other things, I had a Weimaraner and I hated cats. So there you have it.

Let it be known that Dennis Mahoney is a good man, his web site deserves reading, as does his writing on The Morning News and he is destined for great things. Dennis rocks.

8 thoughts on “Postcards From People You Don't Know”

  1. Weapons and Moorings:

    If there’s a way to quantify the amount of pure discovery and exploration this site has provided for me, my brain case would split into tiny pieces. Seriously, does anyone who visits this site not find almost everything useful, and Brad, I know you read this and I believe that you think I’m some sort of pre-pubescent, garralous, undergrad, but hell, your content rocks.

    I’m really not sure what the hell I have been doing since I moved home. Sometimes I think this is Hoth or Fort Lauderdale

  2. So Brad, did you finish Kavalier and Klay, or did you give up on it? I’m curious what you thought of it. It left quite an impression on me.

    -The Gov

  3. “we saw a weimaraner eat a cat at the gas station.”
    aw man, that’s funny. and even tho I like cats (dogs are cool too), that’s just nuthin but funny. maybe finals are getting to me. things are just either dumb or really funny when finals come around.

    and yes, Brad absolutely rocks (now I’m just boring everyone because I’m stating the obvious).

  4. Mr. Gov – Yeah, I did finish the book. It was one of the better books I have read in quite a while, despite the fact it took me a long time to finish. Having collected comics for the better (or worse) part of my teens, it certainly was of interest. I would venture to think that even if you were never in to comics, it would be a really good read. It was an outstanding story that deserved all of the praise and awards it received. That Mr. Chabon has a way with words.

  5. I would have to agree that this site is great reading. You’ve done a lovely job with it Brad. You are indeed a bad mammajamma. Keep on rockin daddyo!

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