Socially Networked

I’ve been exploring social networking sites over the last month. Doing a little "research." I think I now have some semblance of a profile on nearly every single one. I jumped on the Friendster thing (and then off) so long ago and then went to MySpace, which I actually still check out every once in a while. The stuff they are doing with music is fantastic and I’ve actually found some unsigned bands I like. One of them was nice enough to send me a CD for free because I said I would mention them on my blog (LOL!). I feel kinda bad about it, but I’ll send them some cash for the CD, if only I can figure out where i put the CD. I’m getting off-topic here… So everyone is trying to create the perfect social networking site. I’m not sure what the equation is, but MySpace seems to be doing something right. A year ago no one cared about them and now they are among the most highly visited sites on the net. I don’t mean to make this whole thing about MySpace, but they’re the only ones who are doing it right. Yahoo 360 is neat too. If anyone wants an invite, let me know. I was checking out Microsoft’s thing as well, which is a mess. Good thing not too many people are using it yet. I’m happy to hand out invites for that as well. Just leave all your details in the comments. Oh, but my favorite to date is theAssbook. Best. Name. Evar.

2 thoughts on “Socially Networked”

  1. oh, i’d love to see what my former alma mater is trying to do with social networking. wallop? rofl.

  2. Looks like I got the boot or something. I can’t log into the site right now. If I get back in I will send you an invite.

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