Sugar Comas and The City of Angels

It was just a couple of days. Saturday and Sunday are just like any other day, really. With the exception of not receiving mail or the inability to walk into my local Bank of America branch, which I never do no matter what day it is, what’s the difference?

This weekend was one of particular laziness. A degree of laziness and lethargy that I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. The weather was gorgeous. I should have gone hiking. I watched more television on Saturday than I have in the last month. I ate a lot of candy and slipped in and out of sugar comas. I fell asleep watching “Pulp Fiction” and woke up to a documentary on Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records. Drifting off towards the end of that, Holly woke me up wanting some exercise and dinner.

After a walk with Holly and subsequent feeding, I layed back down on the sofa, flipped through the entire channel lineup, read the latest issue of NME, read some of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and then drifted off again. When I woke up I was exhausted from being exhausted.

I love photographing Los Angeles at night. It was nearly midnight and I decided to drive to the Hollywood Hills for a nice panoramic view of the city to photograph. I gathered the camera and tripod, gassed up the vehicle and headed for the hills.

A friend once took me to a clearing in the hills that was perfect for such a thing. I couldn’t remember exactly where it was, but I had a pretty good idea. About an hour later, after passing the same houses over and over, with little to show for my late night jaunt to photograph the city, I decided to go back home. On my way home I thought perhaps I would sneak into Runyon Canyon and just take some photos from there, but that would have been too much effort. I was so disappointed (and lazy).

It was nice to get out of the apartment for a while, drive around and listen to music. There’s something quite charming about driving around Hollywood at night, looking at the people in the cars next to you and snapping some photos along the way.

Sunday wasn’t that much different, no matter how hard I tried to make it so. I did take Holly to the Mulholland dog park, which she always enjoys, despite the fact she never plays with other dogs. She just hovers around me and takes it all in. I wonder where she learned that.

4 thoughts on “Sugar Comas and The City of Angels”

  1. I know this laziness very well myself.

    It’s especially bad when you know you have so much to do but there you are in front of the tv or browsing through an old magazine…

    “I’m looking for reference, really. maybe I can find something in here to give me some ideas.”

    “No, yr just lazy and you don’t wanna do any work.” that’s the typical conversation I have with myself all too often.

    I did some of that late night Hollywood picture taking on Friday. although, unfortunately it wasn’t really for my enjoyment, but for a project I’m working on. I did enjoy it tho, this really is an interesting city…to say the very least.

    I love the shots you’ve shown. they’re like paintings. and the subtle change of light between the two Doheny shots, really cool. I kept flipping back and forth between them.


  2. Who’sGonnaDriveMeHomeTonight:

    I was also doing the late night drive around thing last night, some Elbow, some Beatles, and then I got pulled over. Now, this has never happened to me before, but for some reason I was not afraid, I was not excessively speeding, I was just coasting 10 miles/hr over the limit…

    She caught me…I was kind of glad.

    It was an interesting experience, I was a bit stoned, and feeling good, and she didn’t freak me out at all.

    I got off with a warning. And the music sounded much better.


  3. Ever heard of wild cow milking? I was at a rodeo the other day, which I have been to before, but it was the first time I had ever seen wild cow milking. I mean who thought of it in the first place? Hey, I have an idea, let’s try to milk a wild range cow. It had to be one of the funniest things I had ever seen, but dangerous nevertheless. It had the least amount of competitors though. I suppose when a guy says he’s in a rodeo the last thing he wants to tell people he does in them is milk cows.

  4. I can’t say that I have ever heard of wild cow milking, but it sounds…umm…really interesting. If there was a chance of being injured, I would rather be doing something else, not that there’s anything wrong with milking wild cows. I mean who really wants to go into explanations though, right?

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