The UFB Video Shoot: Day 2

The second day was shot on location at a house in North Hollywood, CA and at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. The first part of the day, for which I was not present, was also shot at ACCD. I joined up with the crew at the house, where they shot a parody of a couple of scenes from “Fight Club.” In one scene Nick is pulling all of the wanna-be “rock soldiers” in through a window of the house. In another scene, Eric turns the lawn sprinkler on some of the wanna-be soldiers as they stand, chests out, taking all the abuse he’s dishing out. In the final scene, Bill comes out of the house to find one of the wanna-be soldiers standing in his front yard as he gets the morning paper. Bill throws the paper at him and then tosses his morning coffee in his face. Yes, the coffee was real, though not hot.

A lot of the extras from Wednesday’s shoot were back for more. The band was in good spirits, though a bit tired from playing shows the last two nights. According to Eric, Friday’s show ended with him hanging out at The Rainbow Room, next to The Roxy Theater, where they had played. A little liquid courage aided him in sharing a blunt with B-Real (Cypress Hill) and hanging with Judd Nelson. Eric further explained that he was hoping to run into members of White Snake, but he was more than satisfied with his Hollywood experience.

We left the house and drove to ACCD to film a scene in one of the bathrooms. In it, a confused and frustrated guy is shown questioning his rockdom in front of the mirror. It sounds dirtier than it was. He’s was wearing an Creed t-shirt, which was altered to say Freed, so as not to offend (of course). In a fit of disgust with himself, the guy removes his shirt only to have Bill kick open the stall door behind him and hand him an Ultimate Fakebook rock soldier shirt. Thank the good lord that he didn’t have to walk around with the Freed tee. Once again, this just helped to establish that Ultimate Fakebook are out to not only rock you, but give you a hearty laugh as well.

The evening ended after this scene was shot and we met back the next morning at ACCD for the final day of shooting. Even though the filming has not been sequential, the plot of the video is developing nicely, and best of all it’s a fucking riot.