The UFB Video Shoot: Day 3

I arrived on the set around 11:30am, which was again, at ACCD. Smoke was billowing out of the doors to the set. This could only mean one thing…ROCK BOX SHOTS! In an attempt to ham things up to a proper UFB level, a fog machine, concert lighting and a raised platform (the rock box) were all used for the first sequence.

First up was Nick, who admittedly was a much better morning person than the rest. Bill was yelling for Nick to move more on the platform, but he would soon find out for himself that jumping up and down and doing rock kicks were dangerous manuevers. After a few practices, Bill was ready to go. Cue smoke…cue sound…and…ACTION! Indeed, action ensued. Despite all dangers, Bill made sweet love to the camera like only Kip Winger could possibly do. If it sounds funny, it was. Rock faces, rock poses and rock kicks galore. Eric’s performance was a bit more tame. The sequence was shot from above his drum kit and there’s only so many things a drummer can do with a big camera hovering over him. The camera rotated around Eric and it turned out looking fantastic.

After taking a break for a while, extras were once again employed for a shot of them sitting with inflatable instruments staring at a white light projection on the wall. In editing, propaganda style footage will be dropped in. The rock soldiers have nearly completed their training. There was just one last thing, but not before one of the greatest sequences of the entire shoot (next to the rock box shots, of course). Eric entertained while the crew set up the next shot.

A wine glass was set up on a stool while the band stood behind it with safety goggles around their eyes. Off to the side was one of the extras with an air rifle. Bill sang, or rather lip synced, to the song with amazing comic intensity. After a failed attempt to shatter the glass with his voice, he made another attempt, this time even more expression and might. The air rifle fires off a few shots, shatters the glass and the scene is a success.

The camera did some shots of the broken glass with the extras staring at it in complete disbelief just before it was time to film the final sequence. In the scene, which was filmed in a hallway of ACCD, the UFB guys lead the rock soldiers on a sabotage mission at a record company. Armed with speakers and cables and dressed like burglars, they scurry down the hallway. It didn’t go very smoothly, at first.

It was decided that the fog machine was needed for the shot and within a few seconds of the hall filling up with fog, the fire alarms were tripped and we had to evacuate. It was pretty funny, actually. The portly security guard came over, sweat beads dripping down his forehead. This was his big chance to prove himself, but there was nothing to prove and the crew cleared out the fog before he arrived. The excuse was that one of the gels melted and ended up smoking. Everyone went back in to finish the scene, I got a few last shots, said good-bye to Liz and the UFB guys and was on my way.

I gotta say that the experience was awesome. I had such a great time shooting photos on the set. I got about 400 shots over the course of the filming. Liz was an amazingly professional director. I wasn’t expecting the large production, but she pulled it off looking like a seasoned veteran. The UFB guys were equally impressed with everything and seemed to have a great time throughout the process. Thanks again to Liz for asking me to shoot.

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  1. Thanks for taken so many pictures of me and my friends, it makes us feel sooo special…


  2. My pleasure. As I said, it was a really great time and getting to take all those photos made it all the more interesting and fun.

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