Thoughts On An Inconvenient Truth

I saw An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon. It was a mature, and dare I say, balanced look at the problem of global warming. This isn’t a political movie and whether you like Al Gore or not, you owe it to yourself (and the next generation) to see this film. It explains and illustrates in very simple terms why global warming is such an important issue. So much of what Al Gore says in the film is obvious, but it helped to have everything in one nice package. One of the greatest things about this film, and why I think it will appeal to so many people is that it isn’t coming from a treehugger point of view. It’s not alarmist, though much of what you’ll see is quite alarming. It lays out what the realities are, based on hard scientific data and pictures to go along with it. And just when you feel like throwing your hands up in the air because we can’t really do anything, it offers realistic ways in which we really can do something.

I always get this idealistic schemes going in my head on how to get more people to see this film. Here are some thoughts. Feel free to take them and run.

  1. Take $300 that you might normally spend on something and place an ad on craiglist offering to buy tickets for people that would like to see the film, but can’t afford it.
  2. Write Al Gore and tell him you would like to screen the movie in cities it won’t be showing in. You could start a college campus campaign where you lend out projectors and have gatherings of students that project the film on the sides of buildings like drive-ins. There’s a company that does this and the name of it is escaping me.
  3. Quit your day job and go work for Al Gore.
  4. instead of getting that Audi or BMW you want, get something more efficient.
  5. Write the CEOs of American car companies urging them to come out with more fuel-efficient cars