Thoughts On the iPhone


In case you were under a rock all day, Apple announced the highly anticipated iPhone. Every time Apple comes out with a new product, I lust after it. Lots of people do. Apple takes products, adds their magic and leapfrogs anything else in the market and then everyone tries to play catch-up. It’s an incredible thing to watch. If I were to think up a dream phone, it would be made by Apple. Nothing comes close and the iPhone goes beyond anything I could have dreamed up on my own. The price is steap and I doubt I will be picking one up. It’s too much of a consumer device (right now). I can’t imagine typing emails on a virtual keyboard. If I had my way, I’d stop using email all together and just text and IM, but I don’t think that’s going to be a trend business embraces anytime soon, so I’m stuck with a bulky device that has a keyboard when I’m not sitting in front of my Mac. Why Cingular?? I had to switch to CIngular for work and I couldn’t be less happy. Who doesn’t have 24 hour customer support? And the support is abominable at best. Congrats to Apple on doing it again. It’s a gorgeous device.