Thursday Three – Lying

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1) What do you lie about? I mostly lie about my age. I tell people that I’m 28, but I’m really only 23. I’ll lie about anything really. I have no spine, no conscience, no accountability and no shame when it comes to telling a good lie. Go ahead, ask me a question. Try me. I dare you! The truth is boring and all I really want to do is entertain. All of this here…this site…my life…your life…all lies.

2) Why do you lie? (And don’t say you never do, liar!) To get ahead in life. Whatever moron said that the truth is always the best route (or some variation thereof) was feeding you bullshit. Lying can get you anywhere you want to go. Hell, it got me where I am today.

3) When is okay to lie? Or, is it never okay to lie? It’s always okay to lie, as long as people don’t get hurt. If you’re going to lie, be nice about it.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Three – Lying”

  1. A very curious set of answers to a very curious set of questions, Brad. I think you will live to regret both the truth and the lies here… but that’s only my humble observation. Carry on…

  2. yeah i always wondered why you were so proud of using your ‘real’ name for the address of your site.

    Now, I know why.

  3. Michael – Chill. I was being lazy. Jeez.

    Kathy – True dat.

    Darian – I’m actually 13.

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