Thursday Three – September 11

1) Do you feel online sources covered the story better or worse than mainstream media? What are some sites you visit for “alternative” news coverage? As I said in my last post, I did turn to the web for a lot of personal accounts. I found the web to be a tremendous resource of information and reaction. There are far too many sites to mention, but a few alternative news sources are AlterNet, ZNet, The Independent Media Source and The Morning News

2) If you could say something directly to the terrorists, what would you say? Wow, that’s a toughy. I would ask why, first and foremost. I guess I just do not understand the hatred that they feel toward America, and the world-at-large. That’s a question though. I really don’t know what I would say to them. And I think no matter what I said, it would not make any difference. These are people that are set in their ways, for the most part. My instinct is to reason with them, but how do you reason with zealous lunatics?

3) Do you approve or disapprove of George Bush’s push to go to war with Iraq? How do you feel this relates to the events of Sept 11th? I disapprove of violence all together. I don’t think two wrongs make a right, but again, how does one deal with lunatics set on terrorizing the world? I don’t have a concise answer for this either. As far as how it relates to 9/11, I have yet to read about a definite connection between the two, aside from the fact that Saddam would love nothing more than to see America fall to its knees. I also do not think that most people are getting the full story from mainstream media outlets. Refer to my links above for some further intelligent reading.

Those are some really tough questions, Chris. Certainly something that I may revisit when it’s not 1:30am with a fair amount of alcohol in my blood.