Voting No On The Recall

As much as I hate the state (no pun) of things in California, the recall is just ridiculous. Frankly, I don’t care, which doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote, but I’m voting against the recall when I go to the polls next week. Schwarzenegger is an ass and has no business being the Governor of this state. I’d link to a bunch of no-recall sites, but frankly they are no better than the pro-recall sites. Educate yourself about the real candidates and make an informed decision. Don’t be a sheep, think for yourself, fight the power, blah blah blah.

1 thought on “Voting No On The Recall”

  1. If you are a living breathing human being living in Cali, voting anything but NO for the recall is a vote for even more of your democratic rights to be taken away. This a Republican sponsored coup -sister to the Florida recount debacle (aka master plan) that keeps the rich in power, the less than rich in fear and more and more of our system raped.

    He is an actor – a BAD actor. What makes anyone think he’ll be any better as politician?

    For more info go to:

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