A Playlist For April

In my ongoing crusade to spread the good word about great bands, here’s a playlist worth listening to. The songs that aren’t available for download are unreleased, but you can probably find them elsewhere. The files will only be available through the end of the month. Enjoy.

01 Longwave . Pool Song
from the album The Strangest Things

02 Cave In . Anchor
from the album Antenna

03 Ikara Colt . Rudd
from the album Chat And Business

04 The Stills . Still In Love Song

05 Phaser . Life And Illusion
from the album Sway

06 Nerami . Uninspired
from the album Nerami

07 The Thorns . Such A Shame

08 Ed Harcourt . All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed
from the album From Every Sphere

09 Turin Brakes . Pain Killer
from the album Ether Songs

10 Ben Harper . When It’s Good
from the album Diamonds On The Inside

11 Weekend Players . Jericho
from the album Pursuit Of Happiness

12 The Notwist . Pick Up The Phone
from the album Neon Golden

13 The Postal Service . We Will Become Silhouettes
from the album Give Up

14 Muggs . Fat City
from the album Dust

15 The Peak Show . Flow – OG

16 The Delgados . All You Need Is Hate
from the album Hate

17 Mull Historical Society . Live Like Automatics
from the album Us

18 Calla . Strangler
from the album Televise

19 The Bens . Just Pretend

20 Tom McRae . Walking To Hawaii
from the album Just Like Blood

6 thoughts on “A Playlist For April”

  1. I understand your choice in not making “Still in Love Song” available to the public since it hasn’t been released yet… but I am in love with the Stills, and I absolutely cannot find any mp3s of theirs. I’d be really curious to know where you found yours; all I can find are CSNY mp3s on kazaa lite. ugh

  2. I know for a fact they used to have some on their site, but I don’t use MP3s as sources for my compilations. Everything I have, I’ve either bought or acquired in some fashion. In otherwords, I own all of the CDs I rip music from. Anyway, to answer your question, the song was on a promo-only compilation that I received at work. Yes, working 11+ hours/day has its benefits.

  3. For some reason, whenever I try to click on any of the tracks, they say that the file has not been found. I’d really like to hear some of these tracks. Thanks!

  4. Mary – Sorry about that. I think I fixed the problem. Give it a try now and let me know.

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