A Playlist For June

Another month, another mix. It’s been rather inconsistant, at least with regards to sharing these on the site. I keep making them, but sometimes I just don’t have a chance to post them. In any event, there’s some gems, some of which I can’t post because they’re unreleased. Everything else I’m sure you can find on your favorite filesharing system, so have at it. Enjoy.

01 Andy Stochansky . Stutter
from the album Five Star Hotel

02 The Thrills . One Horse Town
from the album So Much For The City

03 The New Pornographers . From Blown Speakers
from the album Electric Version

04 Guster . Amsterdam
from the album Keep It Together

05 Stereo 360 . Don’t Belong
from the album Enjoy Your Life Poolside

06 Pete Yorn . Burrito
from the album Day I Forgot

07 Liz Phair . Extraordinary
from the album Liz Phair

08 Coldplay . The One I Love
from the single In My Place

09 Evan Dando . My Idea
from the album Baby I’m Bored

10 Laptop . Know-It-All
from the album Don’t Try This At Home

11 Random . Falling Through The Clouds
from the album Falling Through The Clouds

12 Radiohead . 2+2=5
from the album Hail To The Thief

13 Elbow . Ribcage
from the album Cast Of Thousands

14 West Indian Girl . Green (demo)

15 Tindersticks . Sweet Memory
from the album Waiting For The Moon

16 Elliott . Carry On
from the album Song In The Air

17 Rosey . The Difference (demo)

18 Minibar . New Mexico
from the album Fly Below The Radar

19 Unitard (a.k.a. Yeah Yeah Yeahs) . Year To Be Hated
from the album Yes New York

7 thoughts on “A Playlist For June”

  1. thank you! i’m studying for the bar exam and have been musically deprived.

  2. keebones – the new Elbow album is prety magnificent, though it isn’t as striking as their last record was. That may be due to the fact that I was such a champion of their last album and they were new. I actually just received a promo-only 5-inch CD with a few songs on it that’s pretty cool.

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