Camino Reborn, etc.

If you’re a Mac user, then you owe it to yourself to download (and use) Camino. It’s your new favorite web browser. While it’s still in beta, you can most certainly use it as your day-to-day browser. Go ahead, live a little.

Yeah, I’m known to get excited about software every once in a while. Speaking of which, Office 2004 seems to be pretty nice so far. I switched from Apple Mail to Entourage for the day to check out some of the new features and improvements and then ended up switching back to Mail. It really comes down to having to keep track of two address books, which is a total pain in the ass. Why can’t everything just use the Apple Address Book??

3 thoughts on “Camino Reborn, etc.”

  1. I tried Camino, but I’m sticking with Firefox for now. I can’t stand how Camino (which ripped it off from Safari, so it to) open your bookmarks into the current browser window instead of a separate window, like browsers used to (and Mozilla/FF still do). Quickly going through a bunch of sites is a pain when bookmarks are done the Safari/Camino way, especially when Camino doesn’t count your bookmarks in its back history (which Safari does do). I’ll check out Camino again when 0.8 final is released.

    Entourage 2004 is pretty nice, though. I’ve never liked Mail (although it’s getting better) so going from Entourage v.X to 2004 was a no-brainer. I really like “Preview Pane on Right” view. It’s nice for wide monitors (like my Cinema HD Display).

    Multiple Address Books suck, though. There are Applescripts to help keep them synced, but still, you shouldn’t have to do that.

  2. Wait, so let me get this straight…You like having a bunch of windows open instead of tabs or you’re saying that you like having a bookmarks manager that doesn’t use the current window. I think you’re talking about the latter, in which case, I kinda don’t care. What really bugs me about FF is that (at least with the latest release and nightlies) you cannot tell it to have external applications open links in the current window or a new tab, which Camino and Safari do nicely. I don’t browse the same way I used to since I started using NetNewsWire. Another conversation though…

    I totally agree with you on the right-handed preview pane. Even on my 15″ PowerBook, it looks good, but it’s great on my cinema display as well. Really though, what doesn’t look good on a big cinema display?

  3. I’ll only switch to Camino if it’s better than Safari (which i love). So i’ll look into it. Apple Mail is fantastic as well considering I use it to manage 2 email accounts. (:

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