e4b Review

I don’t remember where I read about e4b, but I impulsively purchased one of their sampler cases. They arrived a few days later and I popped them in the refrigerator. The thought of sucking down warm fruit puree was not appealing. The flavors were Strawberry Banana (good), Mango (not so good), Pear Caramel (good, but sounds not good – they should come up with a different name), Kiwi (haven’t tried it yet) and Blueberry Raspberry (my favorite). The consistency is pretty smooth. You’re half expecting it to be more liquid, but it’s like a thick shake or smoothy. I joked with Audrey that it was like baby food for adults, which is probably pretty spot-on. They are very refreshing and not too sweet. I would definitely be more inclined to eat/drink one of these than slicing up some fruit. It’s a perfect way to eat fruit on the go. The packaging is cool, but I can’t help thinking about its impact on the environment, which probably isn’t so great. I wonder if there’s some way to recycle the containers. Maybe I’ll talk to the company and ask them about it.