First Snowboarding Trip Of The Season

I wanted to go snowboarding a couple of weeks ago when Big Bear got their first big snow of the season, but I waited a couple of weeks. I would have gone last weekend, but it was Thanksgiving and I knew it would be crowded. I went alone today, which I’ve done one other time after A’s accident. It was pretty rough getting up at 5am. I didn’t actually crawl out of bed until about 5:30am. I tossed and turned the entire night. I couldn’t sleep. I think I probably got 3 hours of sleep even thought I got into bed around 11pm last night, which was also a bit on the challenging side.

Fucking parking in Venice… I lugged all my gear to my car and hit the road armed with my iPod. I realized late last night that the cassette adapter that I use to listen to my iPod in the car was broken. A was kind enough to pick one up for me. She had to stop buy to pick up her mobile phone anyway. She left me a sweet note. It felt a bit weird not to have her along. That didn’t really hit me until I had gone down the mountain a few times, but it most certainly hit me.

I was so happy to be in the mountains. I wanted to just stop and look at all the snow and surrounding peaks. I did get a chance to look around when I was on the lift. It was so gorgeous. The sun was out in full force. I have a little bit of a burn on my face to prove it. There were no lines and I only had a few spills. Not bad for the first day of my second season. Hopefully I’ll be going back soon. Next weekend I’ll be visiting the family in Kansas. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and being together.