6 thoughts on “McSweeney's Outdoes Itself”

  1. i’m butting in.. but I think your talking about Christopher O’Reilly? there’s an mp3 of “knives out” a couple posts below… fyi

    btw, didn’t brad meldhau also do a few RH songs on piano?

  2. Kathie – you beat me to the punch. Brian, read down. And yes, Brad has performed “Parnoid Android” and “Exit Music (For A Film).”

  3. One other thing of note (on the Christopher O’Riley/Radiohead front), I was just getting some updates together for the ‘Must Go’ section, and he will be performing radiohead at The Knitting Factory on August 22. See you there!

  4. Brad, did you hear that story on All Things Considered yesterday about the classical pianist that has rearranged a bunch of Radiohead songs for piano, and just recently released an album of 15 covers? They played a few of his arrangements, they’re kind of eerie.

  5. awesome. so if I can’t see radiohead at the bowl, i’ll settle for chris. o’reilly..at least.

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