More On The Election

I’ve been so busy reading all of the poitical email (and responding) that I haven’t really felt like posting much over the last week. Seems all that’s on my mind lately has been politics and I’m boring myself to tears with it. I want this coming Tuesday to be November 2. I’ve been getting pretty anxious about the outcome of the election. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve spent a few hours on the phone for MoveOn PAC. I’ve been phoning eligable voters in Arvada and Englewood, Colorado. A large portion of that time was spent getting wrong numbers, but when I finally did get someone on the other end of the phone, it was interesting. I spoke to a few undecided voters, some Bush supporters and quite a few Kerry supporters. Generally speaking, and I don’t think this is neccesarily representative of the country, people who were supporting Bush were less likely to talk about why. People who were voting for Kerry were much more engaging. I had a couple of 15+ minute conversations with Kerry supporters this afternoon. Now, to be fair, most people knew MoveOn PAC and it’s no secret who they support. But what I really found interesting was that of the people that stayed on the phone long enought to let me know why they were voting for Bush didn’t mention the war! They were more concerned with Bush’s morality and the issue of abortion. This surprised me quite a bit.

I’ve read several articles over the last week that dealt with Bush’s religious beliefs, his faith and how it plays into his politics. It’s terribly disturbing to me that he is so much more concerned about his conviction and consitancy than he is about the truth. He will not admit his mistakes, and that is probably one of the weakest characteristics he has. Part of the reason why he won’t admit them though is because he doesn’t see them. He is blinded by his faith and conviction.

I don’t think I could be much more convinced that John Kerry is our only hope for a better America. This election is so important to our future. Please, get out and vote on November 2. There are so many people who don’t plan on voting. Perhaps you know some of those people. Urge them to go to the polls!