My Lotion May Cause Cancer

I was having a discussion with A. the other day… Come to think of it, cancer has been the topic of conversation recently because more than ever we both know people with cancer or know someone who knows someone with cancer or that died of cancer. Cancer is everywhere, people. And if cancer doesn’t get you, the terrorists probably will. I’m reading through my daily web sites and notice a link to The Environmental Working Group, which has a web site devoted to telling you how all the shit you put on your face, body and scalp could kill you, or at least make life real miserable. My initial response is just what they were looking for. ‘HOLY SHIT, I’M THROWING MY LOTION AWAY!’ On second though though, who knows how this company is funded. Who knows what the real aim of this site is. I’m all for organizations and people posting things on the Interweb, but this alarmist bullshit has got to stop! Live life people. Don’t believe the hype. And wear sunscreen! [via glassdog]

5 thoughts on “My Lotion May Cause Cancer”

  1. exactly. I’m sick of hearing everyday that one more thing is going to give me cancer. oh, but wait! today we find…our research shows that it lowers blood pressure, helps with depression, is good for the skin!! ugh. weirdos.

    but that doesn’t mean I didn’t just check all my skin products against that fucking site. woohoo!! I’m well on my way to cancer! gimme some chocolate.

  2. Bah! I just beat thyroid cancer this year, and I’ve never used any lotion/cosmetic/perfume/aftershave other assorted nonsense. I’ll bet most cancers are caused by a) free radicals in your body that you just can’t avoid no matter how vegan your diet may be, or b) cosmic rays.

    Interesting site as always, Brad. Hope you don’t mind that i still lurk around occasionally.

  3. Brian! What a nice suprise. I didn’t know you still cared. Of course you can lurk. I look at the logs and no one comments, yet I get many visitors. You are among the majority. Jesus, sorry to hear about your cancer, but I’m glad you’re alright Mr. All-Natural. I always thought you smelled kinda funny 😉

  4. yeah, I know. I could definitely have a better diet. that’s for sure. but it’s the same thing as anything…what you put on your body, what you put in your body, what kind of air you subject your lungs and skin to…everyone on all sides is going to have something good and bad to say about all of it. maybe I have a completely defeatist way of looking at it, but like you said, we have to live our lives. I do try to understand what I’m putting in my body and avoid the creepy stuff. as far as cancer goes, I’m more worried about it coming from my genes. I know for sure it’s in my blood, so I just do what I can do…

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