[Nearly Late] Thursday Three – Work

1) What good is employment if you can’t enjoy it? I guess the obvious answer is that it pays the bills (hopefully). If it doesn’t pay the bills and you don’t enjoy it, what the hell are you doing? A good friend recently decided to quit his job to try his hand at making a dream come true. I will be in the stands cheering him on. He will do amazing things. This I know. When I decided to quit my job last year, it was out of personal necessity. Two months off turned into, well, the better part of eight months. I’ve never been more poor and happier. Work is finally picking up (for now), which is nice. This guy said something amazing to me when I was healing, just after quitting. He said, “Don’t eat your soul to fill your belly.” I’m not sure who originally said it, but it hangs on my wall as a constant reminder. Hang it on your wall.

2) Assuming you are employed, even if it is part-time/sometimes, do you find that you have to turn work down or say “NO!” to the boss? Yes, as a matter of fact. I find it somewhat ironic that for months I have had no work and now I am having to decide what I can accept and what I have to turn down. It comes in waves and I’m riding this one for everything it’s worth.

3) Where do you get the most work done? I would have said at home until this week. Over the past few days I have had the pleasure to work for a gentleman who lives above Zuma beach in the hills of Malibu, California. It’s a small house and he has a separate guest house/office from which I have been working. It’s been one of those moments that remind me what drew me to Los Angeles in the first place…the ocean. The sound, the smell, the view. Too bad it was just a short gig. It felt nice to get out of the apartment for a while and now I want to live in Malibu.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m a freelance professional smartass and all-around fucking genius. What, like you couldn’t tell?

  2. wat a coincidence
    I just tendered my resignation n my last day of work in 14th Aug.
    I hope to realise my dreams and make them come true. =)
    nice post

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