No Airplay For Copy-Protected CDs?

According to an Aussie news article, it seems that stations who use a digital playout system may not be able to give certain CDs any airplay. Yet another reason copy protection needs some more work and thought…or wait, how about no copy protection?!

In releated news, I defeated a copy-protected CD by taking an X-Acto knife to the outer edge of a CD and voila, it now plays (and rips) on my Mac. Yippee.

3 thoughts on “No Airplay For Copy-Protected CDs?”

  1. Which disc did it work on? I have a copy of the new Ben Harper disc, and seriously need to find a workaround. When will the record companies learn?

  2. It was the import version of Spiritualized: The Complete Works Volume One. I had no problems with the Ben Harper CD. It’s not a matter of the record companies learning as much as it is the consumer learning to circumvent the “protection” created.

  3. Look @ CDExtra format.

    It’s a multi session CD.

    Using Ahead Nero or similar will expose both sessions, one containing music, the other containing the stupid player application.

    Simply burn the .cda or .aif tracks and listen away.

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