No Room For Humor

I’m not a big fan of t-shirts that say anything on them, but I did purchase a Stewart/Colbert 2004 t-shirt. The day I decided to wear the shirt, I was probably out in public for all of about 4 hours and was asked about my choice of candidates at least a dozen times. Most people asked where I got the shirt, but there were a few who said it was irresponsible. I suggested they get a sense of humor. One person didn’t take so kindly to the suggestion and angrily exclaimed that there was “no room for humor in this election.” I happen to think otherwise.

3 thoughts on “No Room For Humor”

  1. I’d vote for Stewart if he ran for Prime Minister up here. I heard him refer to Canadian bacon once on his show… maybe there’s hope for us.

  2. it’s unfortunate that you encounter so many jackasses while just walking around minding your own beeswax.

  3. Well, I have to take a certain amount of responsibility seeing as how I *was* wearing a shirt that was mocking the oh-so-important election.

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