On the plane

There’s a plane flying right next to us. It’s far enough to not freak me out (for now). I’m just finishing the feature on R.D., Jr. and I have gas. I’m all hopped up on caffeine too. I took some exedrine for the pounding I woke up with this morning. The caffeine makes me want to shit. My skin feels like it’s stretched extra tight over the muscles and bone. My skin in cacking and flaking on my hands. I keepa pplying lotion and it just keeps getting absorbed. Where’s the hydration going? It makes no sense to me. A hang nail on my pointer is throbbing and as – try to grab the hanging skin between the nail of my thumb and pointer on the opposite hand, the skin tears further back. I suck in the recycled airplane air between the gaps in my teeth and my ass tinglkes from the pain. What I wouldn’t do for some little scissors right now.

I’m on my way home for the first time since dad passed away. I’m feeling a little emotional, but solid. It’ll be good to wrap my arms around mom and tell her that I love her.