You’ll notice that I’ve made a few layout changes to the site. I’m making some room for some new sections, including a photo gallery and a decor section with wallpaper that you can use on your desktop. The new sections will appear soon. Feel free to leave comments about the new look.

Thank you to Kristine at for her assistance with the new three-column layout of the site.

4 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Hi there. Found your site while doing a search for “Jonathan Bates + Mellowdrone.” I am so incredibly pleased that you have the new Oasis album listed as “must hear.” I’m so pleased about it, that I originally typed up “increadibly” -with an ‘A’ for extra oomph.

  2. You must have good taste in music. I like that in a visitor. You’ll probably find more about Jonathan and Melowdrone at my other site, Come back now, y’hear?

  3. I add *one* more column and people freak. You’re not the only one Maura, I’m just picking on you. At least I didn’t add flash and a bunch of disgusting graphics, right?

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