The June 2006 Mixtape

I can’t remember where I heard +/- for the first time, but it was recently and I’m in love with this song. Don’t you love it when that happens? I haven’t bothered to read much about them, but I know they’ve been around for years.  Boy Kill Boy has been a favorite around the office. The album is solid and this is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time. Has this song been on The O.C. yet? It will be. You’ve been living under a rock if you didn’t know the Thom Yorke album leaked last week. Of course I can’t stop listening. It’s political and pretty. We’ll leave it at that. Lily Allen is buzzing all over the internets and you’re about to hear why. Shayna already gave me shit about putting Angels & Airwaves on the mix, but umm, these mixes are for me. I ain’t trying to impress. Ok, maybe a little. The new Hidden Cameras song is lovely. I wish I could have put it on the mix twice. And Vetiver is so dreamy. Those subtle hand claps! I’m a sucker for hand claps. Have a beautiful June.

01 +/- – Steal the Blueprints
02 Boy Kill Boy – Suzie
03 Hidden Cameras – Awoo
04 Psapp – Hi
05 Thom Yorke – Black Swan
06 Phoenix – Lost And Found
07 Keane – Is It Any Wonder
08 Headlights – TV
09 Angels And Airwaves – Do It For Me Now
10 Gonzalez Jose – Lovestain
11 Vetiver – Been So Long
12 The Black Heart Procession – Not Just Words
13 My Dad vs Yours – Law Of Unintended Consequences
14 Lily Allen – LDN
15 Mark Ronson – Just (Featuring Alex Greenwald)
16 The Roots – Don’t Feel Right
17 DangerDoom – Sofa King (Remix)
18 Cloud Cult – Outside Of Your Skin
19 Editors – Orange Crush
20 Cribs – Mirror Kissers
21 The Futureheads – Fallout

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