Top 10 Live Shows of 2006

(In no particular order)
Radiohead @ Greek Theatre – I’ll let my previous review speak for how I felt.

Secret Machines @ El Rey – Could care less about their albums, but they put on an incredible live show.

Justin Timberlake @ House of Blues – Don’t hate on JT. The dude can dance and sing like a motherfucker, not to mention he’s a stellar entertainer.

The Wrens @ Troubadour – Wow, I dunno where I was when these guys started

The Sounds @ Fonda Theatre – Mark captured them amazingly. I don’t know what else to say. They know how to rock.

Editors @ SXSW – I walked away from this show thinking, ‘now I can go home from Austin.’ Of course I didn’t leave at that point.

The Duke Spirit @ SXSW – I never heard of them until someone recommended I check them out. Liela Moss is hot.

Wolfmother @ Cinespace – I believe this was the first show in the U.S. Anyway, it was the first show a co-worker and I saw together and I was a little drunk, which made it all better.

The Rapture @ Fonda Theatre – I didn’t want to have a good time, but I danced at the show it was so good. That’s right. I danced.

Pearl Jam @ Bridge School Benefit – Bridge is always emotional. It’s the vibe, the cause, friends and of course, the music. It was just perfect.