Worried About Homos?

If you are as concerned as I am about children growing up to be full-blown homosexuals, contributing to the downward spiral of our society, then you should probably brush up on prevention tips. God knows (or at least a few people from Arizona know) homosexuality leads to beastiality and keeps those terrible kiddie porn web sites in business. Straight people would never ever think of, oh I don’t know… fucking a sheep or sucking off a dog (I’ll spare you the links).

We live in a society where a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT was brought before congress banning gay marriage. It failed to pass the Senate. If you had any questions about whether the Bush administration was trying to push some bible-thumping moral agenda on the American people, I think you now have an answer. I love how the Bush administration pushes for “family values,” yet his vice president is willing to sell his gay daughter for votes. The Bush administration does not represent my America.

1 thought on “Worried About Homos?”

  1. i find mary cheney to be a repulsive individual who sold her soul to the 6-figure salary she’s taking to replace any self-respect she might have had PRIOR to bush wanting to make this such a big deal.

    she clearly doesn’t see that when her dad & bush are done, so is she. i hope she’s socking all her salary under her bed where she no doubt sleeps alone.

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