You Are What You Read

All kinds of inspirational things come to mind and fall right out because I never have enough time to write things down as I think them. Throughout the course of a day I try and jot down a few ideas in my Backpack for posts or things I want to focus energy toward. On of those things is how your list of feeds (assuming you are using some type of RSS reader) really define who you are and influence others. Now, I realize this isn’t going to apply to most people, but for those of us who keep so much of our lives online, make friends online, admire people from their blogs or sites or whatever, an OPML file can really define us. I take great pride in the gems that make up my list of feeds. And the fact that I can’t really share them very easily with others sucks. I want to know what other people are reading, especially the people I look to as being the tastemakers and early adopters.

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